The watch brand Triwa's ambition was to enter the Chinese market digitally. And the route in was via RedBridge.


Getting through one of the world's toughest firewalls while keeping your loading times down.

Like many e-commerces, Triwa also dreamed of establishing itself in the world's largest market. The solution was facilitated through a close collaboration between Triwa's business management, external developers and RedBridge. The “Chinese wall” is an effective firewall. All pages with a link to the Western World's social media time out, which means that a completely modified site has to be constructed. At the same time, it still takes 40-60 seconds to download e-commerce sites with a lot of pictures and content. Even Chinese people who are well disposed toward the West get fed up with it. The goal was a loading time of eight seconds. It ended up on five. How was it achieved?


A China-adapted e-commerce solution with 24/7 operations.

Triwa already had an external development company and RedBridge's remit was to provide it with guidelines concerning how the site needed to be optimised in order to avoid censorship and reduce loading time. Understand what can be scaled away to make gains, but retain brand building design which handles high-resolution content for three language versions, English, Mandarin and Chinese. The final, but important, step was to set up a flow of servers with the last one located in Hong Kong. The entire process took no more than two to three months.”Vi hade en alldeles för komplex miljö som RedBridge rensade upp i och sedan kopplade på sin partnerSolution Telia CDN. Utvecklarna tyckte nog inledningsvis att RedBridge kravställning var väl extrem, men i slutändan såg de hela projektet som en enda stor win-win. De höjde sin kompetens rejält under resans gång.” säger Oskar Tornmarck, E-Commerce Manager på Triwa


Even faster loading times at worldwide!

“You have to understand how the Internet functions and RedBridge has that expertise”, Håkan Melin says. “The icing on the cake” is our CDN solution in partnership with Telia Company CDN. RedBridge gains access to a global chain of strategically located servers and can distribute the page's static content there in close proximity to the end user's, which delivers a better performance. The end user has a positive experience because all content on the page is loaded at lightning speed, thus ensuring a high degree of conversion. RedBridge's maintenance services keep the machinery oiled so that nothing delays the loading time. Furthermore, in terms of security, our CDN solution entails much better protection against DDoS attacks.

The developers probably thought initially that RedBridge's requirements were a bit extreme, however, in the final analysis they viewed the entire project as one big win-win situation. They increased their expertise substantially during the process.

Oskar Tornmarck, E-Commerce Manager at Triwa

Open Source only positive

“I am very positive about Open Source solutions, I was previously locked into EPiServer environments. We have acquired a strong new core which can be updated on a continuous basis.

Reason for a great trip

Sales got going on the very first day, so we are now working on minor operational improvements and preparing for Singles Day on 21 November, China's biggest day for giving presents. To increase our brand awareness, we are working with domestic bloggers on the national social media, Weibo and WeChat. Our design philosophy has always been to solely create items that we would want to wear ourselves and if the Chinese feel like we do, then Triwa's entry onto the Chinese market will be a fantastic journey”, Oskar concludes.

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