Open Source Software

When it comes to solving our customers' business challenges, RedBridge has chosen Open Source software. Freedom instead of lock-in.

Life and business is full of choices. We have chosen Open Source to stay at the forefront.

In open environments, you share knowledge and can enjoy all the latest advances. It drives continuous improvements and contributes the development of our society.

Open pays off

For many of our customers, switching to Open Source has led to direct cost savings. Avoid building yourself into a corner that becomes difficult to get out of.

We guide you

Our task is to guide you through all possibilities and find the right choice for you. We keep track of what is happening with the software and keep you constantly updated.

Safe partners

Much of the software we offer is the fruit of our extensive collaboration with Red Hat, who’s an inspiration within Open Source.


Create a reliable environment on your terms

Our offer is wide and we stay on top of the changes made in new releases. Some examples of software and areas we offer are operating system, infrastructure, storage, databases, containers and automation. Partners such as Red Hat and Elastic provides the newest and the best.

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With us as a partner, you will choose right

The goal is always that your organization should get maximum benefits and efficiencies without technological lock-in and dependencies on suppliers. We make sure that you always have a knowledgeable person to discuss important road choices with.

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