Automate more

Our philosophy is that what can be automated, should. Automation frees up time for tasks which really add value and make work more fun and inspiring.

Solve recurrent tasks, once and for all.

Why waste time solving the same problem more than once? With automated deployments and workflows, we allow the technology to work for you.


Complete deployments on your own terms, without needing to contact support and creating a ticket.

Information flows

Integrate automated jobs with, for example, Slack, email, ticketing and CRM systems.


Keep track of automation flows triggered by alarms, emails, on schedule or based on CI/CD steps.

Let the software do the hard work

Many of the jobs that are performed regularly and require manual steps can often be automated. It can be anything from running reports, manually populating information in or between systems, or long routines that are interconnected between several different systems.

RedBridge Automation Service uses Ansible and AWX, among other software, to enable you to run automated flows in your infrastructure, whether it is hosted by you, by us or in the cloud. The service is managed through a flexible graphical interface or via API and can be triggered by a number of different mechanisms.

I want to automate!

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