To be able to expand in Europe in a cost-effective way and offer even more competitive services for its travel customers, Reisegiganten has gone on a journey of its own.


Managing own services not efficient

Managing both the maintenance and the development of its e-commerce platform requires a lot of time and resources on the part of Reisegiganten. In addition to difficulties in keeping up with technological change and changing market requirements, the company’s own hosting and maintenance environment cannot meet the challenges of continued expansion. Reisegiganten is therefore letting RedBridge take over IT hosting and maintenance so that it can focus its own energies on its core business and develop its platform and travel sites.


Development and system maintenance in symbiosis

Reisegiganten currently has two IT platforms for its e-commerce needs which are treated as resources within IT and Development. The platforms are based on Open Source code and are now being rewritten to provide a joint solution for all travel sites. One platform has been developed in-house, whereas the other came with the acquisition of, which has been hosted and maintained since 2013 by RedBridge.

In summer 2015, Reisegiganten looked again to RedBridge, this time to take on the hosting and maintenance of all its travel sites. The RedBridge solution comprises the following:

  • Automation in the hosting, maintenance and development environment creates efficiencies and better performance over the entire application life cycle, from development to continuous roll-out of solutions.

  • Devops provides the basis for the good collaboration that exists between the Reisegiganten and RedBridge staff. This also provides a consistent, efficient and collaborative development and IT environment with greater control and an automated delivery cycle.


Stronger position with 100% development

By focusing all IT resources on applications development and introducing more automation in the areas of maintenance and development, Reisegiganten can become still more effective and focus on its core business, so as to stay a step ahead of its competitors and grow.

New functions on the website can be enhanced within minutes without the site going down, and capacity can easily be scaled to match demand. This enhances user experience and helps Reisegiganten establish itself outside Scandinavia. Moreover, development in an Open Source based operating environment makes the integration and presentation of data from all trip organisers’ systems easier. It means that the relevant services, offers and conditions of the various trip organisers can all be easily kept up-to-date on Reisegiganten’s various travel sites so as to gain the trust of its customers.

We live off IT, it’s our income. The partnership with RedBridge helps us grow our customer value and work transparently with our travel providers. In addition to freeing up time from the maintenance side in favour of applications development, we can quickly update new functions on the sites as required, roll out attractive search and booking services, as well as increase capacity in the event of changes in demand and expand.

Kent-Remi Gabrielsen, CTO at Reisegiganten

About Reisegiganten

Reisegiganten AS is a travel provider with an online presence in Scandinavia and an IT company that develops and markets search engines and booking systems for more than 10 travel sites, such as e.g., and in Sweden and equivalent websites in Norway and Denmark.

Complex environment

The travel sites handle lots of offers from different travel agents relating to charter trips, package holidays, regular flights, hotels, etc. There are many systems, services and conditions to bear in mind, and this requires an ability to adapt and change so as to be able to offer the best travel options and expand the business.

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