Senior Linux Engineer / Architect

(Jonas Larson)

Senior Linux Engineer / Architect

RedBridge, a company whose business concept involves taking part in the changing of Linux and the Open Source market in Sweden, is now looking for a senior IT consultant with extensive Linux expertise and experience of major customers and organisations.

As a senior IT consultant here, you'll be working actively with Open Source strategies and products in companies and organisations. You'll be introducing IT infrastructure and functions with maximum customer benefit.

We'll need you to be a Linux (Unix) system administrator/consultant, and you'll need to have been involved in this field for some time and be comfortable sitting in the driving seat for the customer. If you can act as a project manager and/or IT architect, this is a plus. You should:

  • Have at least 5 years' practical experience in the field
  • Be able to programme and automate infrastructure using products such as Puppet, Chef, etc.
  • Be familiar with shell script, Python, PHP, Perl or some other programming language
  • Database and application server expertise involving product such as Oracle database, MySQL, WebLogic Server, Apache, Resin and JBoss Application Server is an advantage
  • You must be able to speak and write both Swedish and English

The market is demanding more cloud-based services, so we'd be pleased if you find it easy to learn new products and services such as Amazon Web Services, CloudStack and Open Stack.​

As you be spending time at customer premises, it's important for you to be able to work on projects, resolve problems and have a good ability to listen to, explain to and manage users and requirement specifiers. You'll need a genuine interest in Open Source and to be inquisitive about new solutions and products.

We'll offer you an exciting journey where we'll work together to make our customers happier. You'll have plenty of opportunities to influence your role, and we work actively on further development for all our employees at an individual level. We also offer a bonus-based salary system.

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