RedBridge consultants specialise in system development and IT infrastructure and work with cost-effective solutions. With 10 to 15 years' experience in the industry, our consultants know their craft and they have the expertise to understand complex IT systems. The result: a standardised, cost-effective IT solution that's utilised more efficiently.


Project management

RedBridge technical project management plans, guides and controls projects, provides quality assurance of development and ensures that project targets are met. The project manager manages work with the team and reports to the steering committee.

The ability to run complex projects efficiently has become more and more of a success factor for RedBridge. With efficient project management, commitment and IT infrastructure experience, we make sure your projects finish on time and have an innovative driving force. Our job often involves implementing a cost-effective IT environment. If you're going to succeed with a complex project, you'll need a knowledge of the field and the necessary tools and methods and a well- established structure for planning, control and follow-up.

Our technical project managers work with methods such as Kanban and Scrum for project implementation control and monitoring.


System architecture for scalable, reliable and manageable systems

RedBridge consultants have many years of experience when it comes to developing complex software solutions. Whether you decide to go with an on-site project or outsource the entire project to us, our architects will carry out an in-depth analysis of your needs and then create an architecture that forms the basis for ongoing work with your system. This allows your idea to be turned into a technical solution – with consistency, efficiency and a high quality approach. For us, it's important always to make sure we remain transparent throughout the entire process and to ensure that the solution can then be managed and is based on established and open industry standards.

Quality is what you get from performance, manageability, productivity, measurability, scalability and correctness – it's never something that just happens by chance. If you want your project to be characterised by these values, we're the right partner for you.


Advanced system development

The applications you develop should be designed from the outset to meet your requirements. They should also be futureproof, manageable and capable of improvement. This is why we offer qualified consultants with extensive expertise in a range of different industries and many different technologies. They can turn your ideas into reality in the form of a turnkey solution either on site at your premises or, if you like, in-house with us.

We invest heavily in advanced training for our staff to ensure that we can go on developing high-performance solutions for our customers that are supplied on time. Promoting in-house exchanges is every bit as important to us as target-oriented training via our framework suppliers. Besides this, we've chosen to work with leading technical solutions using tried and tested working methods that have resulted in success for our customers over the years.


Application Middleware expertise

It's important to have a good insight into the opportunities offered by the middleware used when devising solutions. It gives us the opportunity to optimise and enhance solutions based on the selected product. That's why we've chosen to specialise in a number of products that we know inside out, so that our customers can turn to us at every stage of their projects.

The products we've chosen to learn in detail (including JBoss, Liferay, Tomcat, Fuse, jBPM/Drools) are some of the most established and stable outstanding performers on the market. If you choose to work with these products – and with us as a partner – we'll make sure you use them in the most productive way.


Code review, vulnerability and security

Here at RedBridge, we work on the basis of risks when we manage IT security. We maintain a holistic approach and aim to provide IT security at all stages of the System Development Life Cycle, SDLC. The best, most cost-effective way of managing risks is to deal with threats and vulnerabilities right from the outset. We specialise in code review and use a number of tools to effectively find and rectify shortcomings in code or systems. IT security is a never-ending process, and the best, most cost-effective way of dealing with it is to implement good risk management. RedBridge uses established, well- known risk management frameworks. Above all, we're experts in complex environments which include various Open Source products. We'd be happy to help you deal with threats and vulnerabilities in increasingly complex and dynamic systems.


Advanced problem resolution

Complex solutions – no matter how well written they are – sometimes involve problems that are difficult to sort out, particularly nowadays when applications are packaged in containers, with lots of integrations and executing ever more sophisticated tasks. Our consultants have extensive expertise when it comes to locating and rectifying problems that are difficult to analyse in a variety of fields.

If your application takes up lots of memory, is unstable, has network problems or quite simply is running more slowly, we're the right partner to help you sort the problem out.