Operations / Server Capacity

RedBridge can work with various server capacity types together with our services. We have three platforms of our own – RedBridge Premium, RedBridge Compute and RedBridge Apps. Besides these, we work with various cloud service suppliers and are partners to Amazon (AWS) – and ultimately, we can use our customers' server platforms.



RedBridge infrastructure is powerful and robust, and delivers the fastest possible response times. The platform is based on well-known technical components and offers the latest technology. RedBridge are able to offer a redundant solution of two different data centers !

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Autoscaling - scale according to volume

AutoScaling is a built-in feature in premium solutions that help to perform when needed. You can for example have a solution that handles millions of requests during the day and none at night. Or an e-commerce solution that has its peaks in the evening.

Be ready for anything

Do not wait for increased traffic slows down your application or website, with scheduled AutoScaling you can react before anything can happen. Let's say you run an e-commerce and one of the year's biggest shopping days are approaching. Then you can beforehand add 10x more virtual machines that handle the load. Or is it perhaps the case that the traffic always skyrockets pm. 9 Monday to Friday? No problem. Then you can schedule the targets for more aggressive AutoScaling during the work week.

AutoScaling Premium

With RedBridge AutoScaling you can follow the demand curve on the capacity of your applications. This means that you reduce the need to manually determine Premium capacity in advance.

You create a AutoScaling group where a condition is set, to incrementally add new Premium instances when the average use of your instances when the condition.

Similarly, you can set a condition to delete instances when the CPU and RAM usage is low.

If you have predictable load changes, you can enter a schedule of AutoScaling with the planned scaling things to do.

The solution uses the monitoring starts scaling activities when the condition is met and RedBridge load balancing service is used to distribute traffic between the instances in AutoScaling Group.

With AutoScaling you can use your virtual servers with optimum use!



The Cloud service Accelerate is based on Telia Web Performance and its global CDN (Content Delivery Network) . The service provides faster load times regardless of where in the world the visitor is located. The impact of the performance improvements measured in real time and provides insight into the business value of reduced charging time - more visitors , lower bounce rates and increase conversion. Performance is money!

Accelerate is an integrated function in the Premium solutions that help to perform when needed. You can for example have a solution that handles millions of queries during the day and none at night.



RedBridge has two different offerings – RedBridge Compute and RedBridge Apps.

RedBridge Compute is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service based on Cloudstack from the Apache Foundation. You can use RedBridge Compute to create virtual servers in order to develop solutions, run applications, etc.

RedBridge Apps is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) service based on Red Hat's Openshift Origin. Developers and teams can use RedBridge Apps to develop, test, deploy and run their applications.


External Cloud Services

RedBridge works actively with other cloud suppliers and has been in partnership with Amazon (AWS) – and others – since 2009. Together, we can create an architecture based on the needs of your solution and the various services offered by Amazon.

The RedBridge architecture is very reminiscent of Amazon's, which means we can transfer our server instances freely between our server capacity and Amazon's.


Customer Data Centers

Using the customer's server capacity to host the solution is no problem. During the implementation project, we configure the servers using our configuration tool and implement the alarms that are relevant and desirable.