img 04 December 2018

Creative Kickstart in OpenShift

In order to adapt to the market today, you need to move fast and be agile. That's why we work with the container platform OpenShift for faster innovation, and we are excited to share the knowledge we've gained so far. Here's a report from our latest RedBridge Academy.
img 04 Oktober 2018

Merry Christmas! Are your servers decorated?

Surely you have already prepared your promotions and campaigns for November 23rd and the Christmas trade, but how will you take care of the surge of customers? Have you reviewed your server capacity?
img 29 Juni 2018

How we developed the research support of tomorrow for Scania

Scania's research and development department is making extensive tests every day, in order to create the best trucks on the market. RedBridge developers and architects had a leading role in creating a modern tool for their information gathering and analysis.
img 23 Maj 2018

Daniel Pfeifer - in the mind of a developer

He likes tough challenges, regardless of whether he is building banking applications or brewing homemade beer. He is also convinced that open source and openness is what drives technological development forward. Meet Daniel Pfeifer, one of our sharp developers.
img 26 Mars 2018

Are things moving quickly?

The digital world is always moving rapidly. With us, you get smart, fast, scalable solutions, consultants who trim your services and know-how in crucial product and license choices.
img 12 December 2017

Is your e-commerce fast enough?

The service accelerate CDN speeds up your ecommerce site
img 03 Oktober 2017

Why Åhléns chose RedBridge to be their operations partner for e-commerce

When Åhléns launched their first e-commerce platform in 2016, the choice of operating partner fell on RedBridge. "Knowledgeable, professional and always available," says the customer. “Also, solid advice on which solutions provide the best performance for the money."
img 01 September 2017

SimplifiedServer is the fastest on the market - and the most affordable

Do you still work in an unnecessarily complicated system, even though you may not need an advanced server solution? Are you paying for more than you use? Now, we make your life easier with SimplifiedServer.
img 22 Juni 2017

How we secured the Christmas e-commerce season of a large Swedish retailer

A new customer came to us in a crisis. Every time customers piled up in their online store... the site went down. Read about how we helped stabilise their Christmas sales and paved the way towards increased revenues in the future.
img 07 April 2017

Find your way to Amazon AWS with 50% off.

Amazon AWS is today the world's leading cloud service provider. RedBridge is a certified partner to Amazon since 2008. We navigate safely through all Amazon AWS services and ensure that the operation of your site and applications is as cost-effective as possible.
img 16 Februari 2017

Launching SimplifiedServer

Many developers use relatively advanced servers, while often only using the simplest functionality. RedBridge is now launching SimplifiedServer, the market's easiest, cheapest and fastest Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the highest level of uptime. At the same time, our prices are reduced by 30% compared to our previous solution.
img 28 November 2016

When the effort really matters

Black Friday has passed but the sales season has just begun! This means that it is more important than ever to make sure that the performance of your site is on top, how important is it then when it comes to real lives? RedBridge is a proud partner to SOS Children's Villages where our mission is to ensure that their website works and keeps up at all times. Especially at the most critical moments during television broadcasts when a large amount of donators try to access the site at once.
img 01 November 2016

Best test?

Owners of e-commerce sites often choose not to run performance tests prior to the launch of new applications. This might happen because you believe that the necessary tests have already been completed. When the site crashes, you wonder why? We've tested the new feature! So how do you know which test is right, and when it should be performed? Learn how to create conditions for an effective test to ensure that your site will function when it matters.
img 13 September 2016

The formula to survive Black Friday

Numerous false conceptions are currently in circulation concerning e-commerce in the market. One of them is that it is completely normal for e-commerce to collapse on Black Friday due to the tremendous pressure. This is not the case. E-commerce sites that cannot cope with the increased volume are poorly designed.
img 25 Augusti 2016

Assignment: Timely route through the Chinese Wall

One of the world's toughest firewalls is the one that China set up to protect its population against digital dangers from the Western World such as Facebook and Twitter. The watch brand Triwa's ambition was to enter the Chinese market digitally. And the route in was via RedBridge.
img 27 Juni 2016

Do you have butterflies in your stomach despite the fact that strict release processes have changed the entire industry?

A lot of people still feel a great sense of unease prior to releases of new applications. We ourselves remember the days when sites were down for a whole weekend and we had to work at a feverish pace to ensure everything would be up and running properly by the Monday. Everyone would have butterflies in their stomachs. But nowadays things are completely different. The time from user story to going live has dropped from several months to 48 hours in the most extreme cases.
img 19 Maj 2016

Question your application lifecycle and achieve innovation

Dare to challenge existing solutions so that you can focus on the business of today and tomorrow.
img 21 April 2016

Together with Telia, RedBridge is launching the Accelerate service – the cloud service that gets your visitors to stay longer on your site

RedBridge is launching the Accelerate cloud service, which is based on Telia Web Performance and the latter’s global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Accelerate results in web pages with quicker loading times, regardless of where in the world the visitor is. The effects of the performance improvements are measured in real time and deliver insights into the business value of reduced loading times – more visitors, a lower bounce rate and increased conversion.
img 23 Februari 2016

Reisegiganten wins travellers with RedBridge’s hosting and maintenance service

Reisegiganten has changed its course to expand cost-efficiently in Europe and offer more competitive services for their travellers. Now the focus is 100 % on application development and cooperation with RedBridge in IT operations for its 10+ travel sites.
img 28 Januari 2016

Plain sailing with containers

Applications are becoming more and more complex, and demands from users in respect of their functions are becoming increasingly stringent. It's more important than ever for companies to be able to roll out attractive services quickly and seamlessly to avoid that sinking feeling.
img 10 December 2015

Black Friday – learning the hard way for many online traders

Sales records for some online traders, crashed websites and unhappy customers for others. How was your Black Friday, which heralds the start of Christmas trading? Why are some stores capable of handling extremely high traffic volumes more effectively than others?
img 13 November 2015

Is the door to your store too small at Christmas? Increase your sales with autoscaling!

RedBridge's new autoscaling service means you can deal with variations in traffic volume and keep customers on your site. And when other people's websites don't deliver, you could be the one to win over their customers and increase your revenues most at Christmas.
img 06 Oktober 2015

Risk of withering if you do everything yourself

MatHem has grown by almost 100% every year since RedBridge took over its IT operations. Nowadays it's Sweden's biggest online food store. Here are 7 tips on the art of streamlining your business free up IT resources and make your business blossom.
img 03 Juli 2015

The journey to the best food site in Sweden with managed services

MatHem has grown by almost 100% every year since RedBridge took over its IT operations. Nowadays it's Sweden's biggest online food store.
img 19 Maj 2015

Global growth with the cloud for Daniel Wellington

Online trading company Daniel Wellington is a rapidly growing Swedish watch company that chose RedBridge as their partner for global expansion. RedBridge has been running the company's online retail site in the Amazon cloud since October 2014, and after just 6 months the company is challenging major global players.
img 25 Mars 2015

Compete and grow with the cloud

Small stakeholders are challenging the major players in the digital economy by reacting to changes more quickly and more efficiently. With our cloud services RedBridge Compute for server capacity (IaaS) and the application platform RedBridge Apps (PaaS), you pay per hour and for what you use. No more growing operation and development costs and resource wastage with your own systems.
img 06 Mars 2015

How do you get quality and happiness to permeate the entire development loop?

If there's no cooperation between operation and development, tensions can easily form between the units. We provide tips for an efficient and continuous development process, with greater momentum and room for manoeuvre from concept to finished application.
img 11 December 2014

Major price reduction on cloud power

Our lowest price guarantee gives you more power for your money, allowing you to benefit from our ingenious formula for profitable IT in the cloud even more cost-effectively.
img 22 Oktober 2014

Invent, don't maintain

Most developers love the cloud. It makes their jobs easy and creative. The cloud also helps them to add more value for companies rather than just developing, testing and running applications in a proprietary traditional server environment.
img 12 September 2014

Doing everything yourself is expensive – the formula for profitable IT is the cloud

The cloud means you don't have to do everything yourselves! Instead, you'll have the time and money to carry out development that will benefit both your business and your customers. The formula from our successful operating commitments has been automated in our RedBridge Cloud Services.
img 06 Juni 2014

Big Data requires affordable setup with flexibility for storage and growth

You can store data easily and securely with the RedBridge service for data storage in the cloud, allowing you to backup and archive critical data, static content from websites, etc., either temporarily or in the long term.
img 10 April 2014

Building up your strength quickly – without a server of your own

Not having to have a server of your own has many advantages. The organisation doesn't need to carry out research or buy equipment. You save time because you don't have to wait for the equipment to be delivered, installed and configured. And you don't need any dedicated physical space for the server either. Not having to have a server of your own has many advantages. The organisation doesn't need to carry out research or buy equipment. You save time because you don't have to wait for the equipment to be delivered, installed and configured. And you don't need any dedicated physical space for the server either.