Operations / Managed Services

  • Service desk
  • Configuration and automation
  • Monitoring
  • Trends
  • Updates
  • Regular operating meetings
  • Access to information via the customer portal

The services are packaged per server and can be supplied during office hours or 24/7


OS Management

This service is ideal for customers who want RedBridge to look after their operating system and ancillary tasks. If you don't have good tools, or if your methods aren't quite up to scratch, running operating systems efficiently can be a demanding task, even if you have relatively few machines. We guarantee a stable operating platform using intelligent automatic systems and good routines. We stand responsible for the running of the basic platform, with our extensive expertise with regard to Linux, Unix and Windows.

The operating system is often the engine of the computer, and like all other engines it needs to be fettled and maintained. We automate a lot of this work, which means that we get the work done quickly and efficiently and everything we do is quality-assured to the highest standard.


Middleware (Application) Management

With this service, we manage products such as Apache, Tomcat, application servers, Windows IIS, cache solutions, plain text search products and so forth. Our responsibilities include automated installation, security updates and maintenance, resource monitoring and application trend analyses. We also carry out code deployment (during office hours) together with developers. We're happy to provide suggestions for when your solution needs scaling out, or else your solution can use RedBridge Autoscaling.


Database Management

Packaged service for management of databases such as MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle or MS SQL Server. This service handles everything from small systems with minor changes to environments requiring high levels of uptime and 24-hour operation.

Besides the operating service, we offer services such as performance measurement, fine tuning and troubleshooting on a consultancy basis to help your database work more effectively.