"RedBridge consultants make sure our systems are updated and accessible. Their Nagios monitoring gives us an extra layer of security, allowing them to find potential problems before they're implemented. This redundancy means that we can focus on what we do best – developing good weather services."

"Amazon allows us to build stable dynamic systems which give us a sense of security when it comes to delivering reliable services to our users. We use Amazon's EC2 service for rapid replication and startup of new instances of our fronts in order to manage the traffic volume required at the time. The traffic for our services varies enormously depending on the weather, which makes EC2 a more cost-effective solution compared with traditional static servers where the cost remains constant and is higher. Besides EC2, we use SES for mail management, S3 for uploading graphic data and CloudFront for caching and effective distribution of static files such as CSS and JavaScript."

Filip Moberg, CTO Klart.se

"First of all, really really pleased with your cloud solution, been looking for a Swedish 'DigitalOcean'. Tried a couple of different ones, and you're by far the best."

Andreas Wålm

"We came into contact with RedBridge when our website was unable to handle the enormous load generated by our TV programme. RedBridge analysed our capacity problems and developed and optimised technical solutions at both hardware and software level. RedBridge worked intensively for a time and were very solution-oriented and unpretentious. The solution supplied by RedBridge allowed us to manage 10 times more visitors wanting to register as mentors on our website. Since then, we've initiated a long-term partnership with RedBridge, who are now responsible for the web hosting and web server environment for SOS Children's Villages."

Anders Månsson, Webbansvarig hos SOS Barnbyar

Daniel Wellington is growing rapidly with a global customer base. Since we've grown out of our two prior hosting solutions we were looking for a long term solution with global reach, stability, performance and an extensive partner network. The choice fell on Amazon Web Services and its Swedish technology partner RedBridge. RedBridge transparent and open way of doing business together with deep technical knowledge, experience and strong connection to the open source community has made them a most valued partner of Daniel Wellington. AWS and RedBridge has given us the ability to grow continiously online and challenge the leaders in our market."

Kristian Tysander, IT Manager Daniel Wellington

"I came across what I think is the BEST data modelling work I ever saw in Klarna. Apparently, a consultant at RedBridge who works at LiveOps had put in place a Live report database where he structured almost all LiveOps data in an easy to use and understand logical data model."
"What a week it's been, with deployments to a large number of different environments, emergencies that needed to be fixed in PROD and a vast amount of email containing instructions of more or less good quality... I think you've done a brilliant job, just as you always do! Our data centre team highlighted this fact at a meeting we held today, too – they reckon your services are just outstanding!"

Björn Kvamme, Head of Services & Operations, TUI Nordic

"We've compared a number of Swedish suppliers, and RedBridge performance is by far the best. We'll be continuing to use your platform in future."

Martin Forsberg, CEO, Lodon AB