MatHem undergoing 100% growth every month

Mathem is Sweden's biggest online food store. The site was appointed Sweden's best food site in InternetWorld's Top 100 in 2013, and the company has grown by 100% every month in 2015. RedBridge, who entered into a close partnership with MatHem in 2011, were along for the ride. As well as running the store's online retail site, RedBridge helps the company with performance optimisation, load balancing and automation of the IT environment, as well as providing testing and development services and cloud storage.

"IT must never be an obstacle to anyone wanting to or being able to shop with us. To be able to meet the demand from customers and create a positive buying experience, we needed an IT environment that we could scale in line with demand. We also needed a working method that was capable of constantly supporting the development of our online food store. And to achieve all this, we needed a business-oriented partner that was able to help us with our changes. And with that, 2011 heralded the start of five successful years of working with RedBridge," says Fredrik Sewén, Head of Technology at MatHem.

Challenge: Own IT environment hindering growth

The company was vulnerable: it had its own server, no load balancing and no option to scale out to handle increased demand. The server was constantly going down and required troubleshooting resources, along with IT environment operation and maintenance. The test environment that was bought in and set up for every new service became expensive and time-consuming over the years, as well as impeding seamless deliveries of new applications. Manual backups brought the site to a halt during the backup procedure, and it took a long time to download images and other site content in the storage environment in those days.

Ultimately, low uptime, long response times and an inefficient release process were preventing MatHem to grow and preventing them to offer a satisfying experiance to its users.

Solution: Scalable IT environment meets demand

As well as providing server capacity, the solution includes:

Scaling so that capacity increases in line with demand. Virtual server capacity has seen a twenty-fold increase in just four years. Scaling will be automated in the longer term.

Performance optimisation from server to application in order to adapt the online retail site after changes and provide top performance with high uptime and short response times for services.

Monitoring provides an overview and control over the entire IT environment so that error sources can be identified quickly and performance problems can be prevented.

Using DevOps as a method results in an efficient, collaborative, high- quality development and operating environment and a continuous delivery cycle for MatHem applications.

Cloud-based testing and development means fast testing and seamless rollout of new services, functions and processes for the site without disrupting the production environment. Paying for what you use also makes the environment cost-effective.

Cloud storage means fast access to images and other site content, lower storage costs and simple storage enhancement as required.

Result: Sweden's biggest food store

MatHem is growing incredibly quickly – and has done so since they began their partnership with RedBridge in 2011. In just five years, MatHem has gone from 25 to 700 employees and increased its net sales from SEK 25 million in 2010 to around SEK 1 billion in 2015. Site traffic doubles every six months, and 90% of MatHem's users recommend the site to others. Storage space has grown by 500% since 2013, and growth stands at almost 100% every year. Net sales doubled in 2014 and MatHem has overtaken its competitors.