RedBridge Group

The company began operating in 2003 with the ambition of helping customers to introduce cost-effective IT environments based on Open Source products. Nowadays Open Source products are the obvious choice, and they're available in all elements of the Digital Business!

We work with our customers' Digital Business, dealing with development, infrastructure and operation of customers' solutions. Our work can involve development of new solutions or migrating an existing IT environment. Our aim is to use Open Source products (e.g. Linux, JBoss and PostgreSQL) while also taking into account the existing environment, where we interact with proprietary software such as Oracle and Microsoft that the customer wants to continue using.

We work with technical cutting-edge products, where the Open Source world leads development: in fields such as mobile development, cloud services and data analysis. We also use methods such as SCRUM, ITIL and DevOps to streamline the processes.

RedBridge staff have an average of 10 years of experience of helping customers to install, configure, administer and manage their operating systems, application servers and databases. Our customers span the entire range, from major state authorities to startups. We work actively with training and certification for our staff and participate in the development of the Open Source world.