Our values

RedBridge's ambition is to change the IT market. We work on the basis of the fact that open standards and open source give our customers greater freedom of choice now and will continue to do so in future. Our aim is to be the leading open source specialist and operating company in Sweden. This implies that we're mainly looking for staff with extensive expertise with regard to system development and infrastructure, staff who value a place of work where technical specialist skills are developed and discussed among colleagues on a daily basis. As we work in large system environments we require an understanding of a range of different areas and products. By analysing market development, understanding the industries in which we operate and adapting our skills development, we strive to achieve constant development and enhancement of the skills we offer to our customers. Our values provide a foundation for the way in which we work.

  • Change and development – Change and development are part of our day- to-day existence. Historically, we've shown that we work actively with change and can adapt rapidly to new conditions. Our consultants have recognised outstanding technical expertise which they constantly develop on demanding customer assignments, through compentence networks and training courses. We work together to develop our customers' businesses and contribute to their success.
  • Respect and Community – RedBridge is always close at hand for customers, partners and one another, and we always keep our promises. Everyone at RedBridge should feel a sense of community, and as a result we love our work and there's plenty of harmony and job satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Passion and results – A passionate commitment permeates everything we do. We work on the basis of the strong conviction that we can change and improve things, albeit with the best interest of our customers at heart. Customers and partners are definitely of the opinion that we never give up until we've created actual improvements and specific value for them. We are receptive to the needs and prerequisites of our customers and partners, ultimately leading to improvements for their customers.