RedBridge is a Red Hat Premier Partner. Red Hat is the world's biggest supplier of Enterprise-based Open Source solutions.
Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud platform and it delivers a reliable, scalable and relatively inexpensive set of computer services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud was created in 2006. RedBridge realized early the potential and began delivering AWS services to customers in 2009. Today it is possible to obtain computer services in North America, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan and Australia, where customers in all industries to take advantage of the cloud opportunities.
PuppetLabs is the supplier of Puppet, an open source platform which automates configuration management and provisioning. Puppet takes away the pain of manual server configuration by giving system administrators a simple platform that they can use time and time again.
Hortonworks RedBridge assist organizations to understand how they implement Big Data into their existing IT strategies in Sweden and the Nordics. With our base in Open Source and managed service we have the knowledge to build the next generation of federated infrastructure environments. With our professional services we can help enterprises assess and deploy cost-effective cloud infrastructures, and accelerate the adoption of the cloud.
Telia is the newest and most modern Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the Nordic region. They deliver all data, anywhere, anytime, all possible through the world’s first global CDN federation and massive regional presence.
Zimbra is the leading Open Source-based collaboration solution and includes email, calendar and contact features. For more information about Zimbra, visit