Framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet – Software and services 2014

In early 2015, Kammarkollegiet gave us the welcome news that RedBridge AB had been awarded a framework contract within the scope of Basic IT.

This contract will run from 6 May 2015 to 31 May 2017. The contract term is 24 months, with the option of extending by a further 24 months to 31 May 2019. RedBridge is one of six suppliers selected to provide services to Kammarkollegiet as part of its Basic IT framework contract field.

Annual revenues for the framework contract field are estimated to stand at SEK 300 million.

More than 370 state authorities, as well as foundations and other organisations linked with the state, will be able to use the current framework contract. This includes more than 200 municipalities and 21 county councils that have been given authorisation to use the framework contract. Authorities now have the opportunity to continue ordering products and services from RedBridge AB. As a result of this new framework contract, RedBridge and its partners will be able to maintain their successful sales to the public sector, offering cost- effective services.

"This contract means we are in a position to continuing offering competitive solutions to our new and existing customers. This means that we'll continue to be Sweden's leading supplier in the Open Source field," says Jonas Feist, Director of Sales at RedBridge AB.

Areas covered by the contract are: system monitoring, logging, installation tools, batch management, helpdesk systems, metadirectory systems, resource management, energy metering, antivirus services, antispam services, web filtering, intrusion detection, backup, firewalls, encryption, VPN, authorisation and access, terminal emulators, terminal servers, remote access, installation tools, distribution tools, directory solution, file directory and printer allocation and access control, licence management (Software Asset Management), inventory systems, databases and operating systems.

Consultancy services included in the procurement procedure are:

installation and configuration, licence advisory services, migration, project management, system administration, system development, testing and training.

Link to the Kammarkollegiet Basic IT website.

Ceiling prices for consultants:

Competence Level 3: 847 SEK

Competence Level 4: 985 SEK

Competence Level 5: 1280 SEK

For further information, please contact: Jonas Feist, Director of Sales, RedBridge AB, mobile +46 70 603 33 24, tel. +46 8 588 990 12,