RedBridge first to launch Swedish PaaS service – inexpensive application development not requiring a go-ahead from the boss!

(Jonas Larson)

Stockholm, 27 January 2015. Today sees the launch of RedBridge Apps for businesses that want to be able to develop and launch applications quickly and cost-effectively as a service. With this, RedBridge is the first Swedish-based company to offer an application platform in the cloud on the Swedish market.

RedBridge's application environment in the cloud means you won't have to set up and administer your own development, test and production environments for applications. You have fast access to reliable tools, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your competitors with innovative services demanded by the market and your employees.

"Developers in Sweden can now easily test ideas and launch applications and it doesn't cost a fortune. RedBridge Apps gives you a team of productive inventors that can freely use and share the building blocks needed to develop services in a safe way that will make your business grow" says Stefan Andersson, CEO at RedBridge.

Ingenious, affordable and Swedish

Just like RedBridge Compute, our IaaS service (Infrastructure as a Service), the PaaS service (Platform as a Service) offers an ingenious formula for profitable IT:

  • Spend 1000 kronor, instead of 100 000 kronor, on testing an idea Test an idea quickly without the long decision-making process required by a major investment, and create a foundation before you present an ingenious proposal. This service is so cheap that you won't need to ask your boss for a go-ahead.
  • Create scalable applications in a few minutes Avoid internal obstacles and quickly create a scalable application whenever you want and get the code behind it. This service is based on open source code, so you can adapt, improve and transfer the application without being locked into a technology or supplier.
  • Freedom of choice for developers Avoid administration and focus on your core skill – but developing solutions. Choose freely from frameworks, programming languages and tools to underpin developers and your business.
  • Better cooperation between developement and operation Development takes place in the latest version of the products, the code is subject to version control with Git and provides optimum support for those of you working in accordance with DevOps methodology. What you get is a consistent, efficient and collaborative development and IT environment with greater control and an automated delivery cycle.
  • Protected by Swedish legislation Our data centres and data are in Sweden, which means that all data is stored in Sweden and traffic stays in Sweden. This gives you security as you're protected by Swedish legislation, with constitutional protection for data.
  • Get support from local geniuses Our experts are always on hand to offer you support and business support to help you grow. If you'd like to adapt and develop your public cloud service or integrate it with our other services, we can help you with that.

Innovative open technology at a low price

RedBridge Apps is based on modern Red Hat technology and open source code together with RedBridge's best practices primarily in the field of software, development methodology and operating services such as self-service in the cloud (IaaS) and managed services (Premium)

The solution includes Cartridges such as programming languages, frameworks, databases, CMSs and other tools, including Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, Node.js, Jenkins, Django, Apache Tomcat, WildFly, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Drupal and Wordpress.

All code is subject to version control with Git, and interaction between development and operation is enhanced using DevOps methodology.

RedBridge Apps is available in Small, Medium and Large. You choose the Gear size (RAM and storage) and the Cartridge you need to develop an application.

RAM comes in 512MB (Small), 1GB (Medium) and 2GB (Large) sizes, and you get 6GB of disk space for every Gear. Prices per hour are 0.15 SEK/h (Small), 0.30 SEK/h (Medium) and 0,60 SEK/h (Large) for every Gear. You just pay for what you use, and you can pay by card or against an invoice.

Try it for free

When you register for the PaaS service, you'll get two Small Gears absolutely free in order to try out the solution with any Cartridge.

More information

Additional information can be found at:

RedBridge Cloud:

You can also contact:

Stefan Andersson, CEO at RedBridge, email: mobile: +46 709 254710