Are things moving quickly?



The digital world is always moving rapidly. With us, you get smart, fast, scalable solutions, consultants who trim your services and know-how in crucial product and license choices.

To us, you are special. Unlike traditional hosting providers where the objective seems to be to cram as many customers as possible into the same infrastructure, we always give you the capacity you need.

Your customer is always the most important

We also know how important it is to quickly launch new content and features to be competitive. That's why we are not satisfied just because the server is up and running. We take responsibility for what matters most: that your customer has access to the service.


Fast, flexible and reliable operations

A reliable operating solution with flexible performance is absolutely crucial for your bottom line. When the customer influx surges, like it always does during the Christmas trade and Black Friday, you need to be able to quickly scale up without having to pay for that scaled up capacity throughout the year. Our promise is that you always get what you pay for, and that you should only pay for what you need - when you need it!

Smart services like Autoscaling and CDN maximizes speed

Autoscaling adjusts the capacity of your site to always match demand while CDN / Accelerate minimizes your site's loading times and increases conversion. We assist a large number of customers with cloud solutions and is a solid partner with Amazon (AWS) since 2007. Read more about our operations offer here.

Lansera nya funktioner på minuten

With a smart automated release process, you can launch new features in minutes. Most of our customers have a test environment where we first verify new functionality. That means that when a new application reaches the production environment, the code is already tried and tested. You will not have to make any last changes that might lead to the customer experience to suffering.


Expert architects and developers

In addition to operating your application, we also help you build and further develop both infrastructure and applications. We reinforce your existing teams with specialist knowledge or supply architects and developers to a new project from start to finish.

Automated collaboration with devops

Our assignments are often about bringing together developers with high demand for innovation with the operations department's focus on stability. We speed up development processes with automation processess so that your organization can work fast and innovative without jeopardizing stability and performance.

Red Hat

Together with our partner Red Hat, we wave the Open Source banner high in the air. Knowledge, freedom and cooperation provide the best conditions for high quality innovation.

Knowledge, freedom and cooperation with open source

Because we value knowledge and development highly, it is natural that we prefer to work with Open Source products and open standards. Knowledge, Freedom and cooperation are the best prerequisites for high quality innovation. One example of this is our strong partnership with Red Hat. Their container platform Open Shift and the Open Stack cloud operating system are currently the highest trending offers alongside favorites like Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

Only invest in the best

Our focus on open source makes our customers' investments highly cost-effective and flexible, since there is no need to lock yourself into an ecosystem of products for any other reason than that they are the very best for your business. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Do you also want operations where new releases are fast, smart and easy?