Is your e-commerce fast enough?


During Christmas times, major revenues are at stake for the country's online-retailers, and speed is crucial. Slow websites loses customers who are ready to buy. This problem is taken care of with our Accelerate service.

Customers in the digital landscape are impatient. A loading time of two seconds is what users expect today. If it takes any longer, many customers move on and you have lost the deal.

Better ranking and increased conversion rate

E-commerce providers need to offer fast services for two reasons:

  • Short loading times improve search engine rankings and more finds the site.
  • Short loading times increase conversion rates, leading to more purchases and better profitability.

Accelerate - an affordable CDN solution

The Accelerate service resolves the problem of long loading times. Accelerate is based on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution in the cloud, that accelerates static and dynamic content to a node that is closer to the end user. CDN technology in itself is not new. It has long been one of the easiest ways to meet the demands of a quick user experience. The big difference with our Accelerate service is that you can use a CDN solution at an affordable price.

Direct access to Telia's network

In addition, Accelerate provides a more balanced experience for the customer, as the service is the result of a collaboration with Telia. This means that our customers have direct access to Telia's own network instead of having to jump between different networks. The burden on your IT environment gets evened out because the peaks and valleys created by traffic jams are spread out on the different nodes of the CDN network.

Reduced risk of interference and interruption

Even if most of your traffic takes place in Sweden, web servers may be unable to temporarily accommodate a sudden increase in simultaneous visitors. In addition to increasing bandwidth, the use of CDN can greatly reduce the risk of interference and interruptions in your IT environment. Accelerate also increases protection against DDoS attacks.

Part of our cloud offer in Managed Services

Additionally, if you combine Accelerate with RedBridge's technical skills, you’ll be even better equipped. The result will be repeated and loyal customers instead of risking interruptions with reduced revenue as a consequence. Accelerate is part of RedBridges cloud offer in Managed Solutions, where we continuously provide our customers with solutions that optimize sites.

Speed ​​up your e-commerce today

Get Accelerate and boost Christmas trade. Contact Håkan Melin through email or call 0700 808 330.

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