SimplifiedServer is the fastest on the market - and the most affordable


Do you still work in an unnecessarily complicated system, even though you may not need an advanced server solution? Are you paying for more than you use? Now, we make your life easier with SimplifiedServer.


"We felt that many of our customers would do well with a simpler server solution. This became our challenge and SimplifiedServer was born. The server is easy to set up. It's a smart, virtual server with as much performance as possible. There are no awkward interfaces or anything else in the way between human and machine. "It does what the can say" says Jonas Larson, CTO.

We have lowered prices by 30% compared to our previous solution. In addition to overall lowered prices, when you sign up before September 30th - you get 1000 SEK worth of free credit to create servers and backups with!

Next step in our Cloud offer

Over the years, we have received many positive reviews for our Virtual Private Server solution (VPS). When we distilled the reviews and listened to our customers, we found that they valued simplicity, price and performance. This became the starting point for SimplifiedServer. The result is the market's simplest, most affordable and fastest VPS with the highest level of uptime.

Smooth self-service

Via a control panel, you handle the services as if the virtual machine was in your own computer hall. With a few choices, you can build a server by simply choosing your required capacitity and operating system. Create, start and stop new virtual machines directly from your browser. Take a snapshot (direct backup) of what is on the server. SimplifiedServer provides both visibility and control over your virtual machines while allowing you to keep track of your costs. We do not lock you in:

  • No period of notice
  • No fixation

Same platform as RedBridge Premium

Thanks to the powerful KVM hypervisor, you will get access to the market's most modern servers with SSD disks. This allows you to use SimplifiedServer for development and testing, with the choice of adding our Premium platform for production. Together with RedBridge Managed Services, you get a solution with full support and unbeatable performance at a great price.

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