How we secured the Christmas e-commerce season of a large Swedish retailer


A new customer came to us in a crisis. Every time customers piled up in their online store... the site went down. Read about how we helped stabilise their Christmas sales and paved the way towards increased revenues in the future.


The customer is a large retail chain with a strong presence throughout the country and, of course, as a web shop. But online, the store only managed 20-50 customers at a time before the service contracted.

Customers fled from the e-store

In the event of big weekends like Christmas and Valentine's Day, the site regularly collapsed. Customers fled. These problems had been going on for several years and the situation had become desperate.

Ordinary IT-operations companies do not understand e-commerce

In this case, the IT-operations were outsourced to a traditional operations company that did not have the right knowledge. Ecommerce is very special. You want the infrastructure in place to launch new features and additions very often. In addition, the load on the site often fluctuates in response to news updates and promotions. Most IT-operations companies do not understand this. The most frustrating problem for the customer was that developers and operations companies blamed each other. In such a situation, the customer becomes powerless.

The analysis showed a code error

Enter RedBridge. We started with an analysis based on an infrastructure perspective. It turned out that the database became too busy as soon as more users arrived to the site. This was caused, among other things, by a code error that had been built into the service from the beginning. Once we knew what the problem was, we moved all data to our own environment. This quickly led to major performance change, thanks to the way our infrastructure is built. The next step was to make some code changes.

1200 visitors instead of 20

We took over the operation of our new customer in December in a state of emergency. The Christmas shopping season, arguably the most important e-commerce season of all, was coming up fast. Suddenly, our customer could have 1200 visitors on the site at the same time instead of 20 and was incredibly relieved.

Performance in fluctuating environment

E-commerce does not require a very extensive infrastructure. On the other hand, it requires a lot of performance and flexibility - the service needs to be fast and you need to be able to add new features continuously. We understand these needs and make sure to deliver the performance our customers need.

We do not say "something is wrong". We find out what is not working, then we solve it. Simply put, we guarantee a result.

5 benefits of RedBridge

  1. Quick and flexible with Open Source tools. The fact that we work with open-source software means that we do not need to pay expensive licensing fees that traditional operating companies are burdened with.
  2. Deep knowledge and extensive experience with e-commerce. We understand your business's specific needs and requirements from both the business and the technology perspective. Frequent functional releases and heavily varying traffic on the site are commonplace for us.
  3. Proper infrastructure. We work with optimized environments and custom technology based on the needs of e-commerce for fast and powerful performance increases when needed.
  4. Automated release procedure. We perform releases quickly, smoothly and automatically - like following a well tested recipe in a cookbook. First, we test new releases in a test environment and when we are sure that everything works, we put the release in the production environment with minimal risk of failure. Since we do not manually fix errors, we are rewarded with a very stable production environment. This also means that all changes and release versions are traceable, which allows for increased productivity and economic efficiency.
  5. Auto scaling: Only pay for the performance you need. With us, performance is scaled by traffic volume. You only pay for high performance when customer flow requires it, not otherwise.

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