Find your way to Amazon AWS with 50% off.


Amazon AWS is today the world's leading cloud service provider. RedBridge is a certified partner to Amazon since 2008. We navigate safely through all Amazon AWS services and ensure that the operation of your site and applications is as cost-effective as possible.


RedBridge Cloud Readiness

Our new service RedBridge Cloud Readiness helps you quickly get started with Amazon services in the cloud. Based on AWS best practices and previous experience of migrating customer solutions to AWS, we have boiled our service down to four steps.

Inventory & Analysis

We invent your IT infrastructure and applications in line with your requirements and wishes. We analyze the business's security needs and assess the risks of moving applications.

Define cloud strategy

Based on the analysis, we recommend an appropriate cloud strategy, highlighting which architecture and services best meet the requirements. We also give you insight into how applications are distributed and managed in a cloud platform.

Identify appropriate application to migrate

Together with you, we rank the applications that will get the most value out of migrating to Amazon. We prioritize the most important one and present a concrete migration plan according to best practices.

Proof Of Concept

We test and verify in detail how your main application works in Amazon AWS. Together, we will review the basics of managing applications from AWS Console.

Easier operation in AWS with RedBridge AWS Managed Services

AWS services are built for minimal operation, but reality often looks different. The hundreds of new innovations that AWS releases each year will have an impact on your architecture.

RedBridge therefore combines Amazon AWS services in our AWS Managed Services, where we have developed custom-designed services like Alarm Management and Customer Portal. They ensure that your application portfolio is continuously optimized with all the new innovations from AWS.

RedBridge AWS Managed Services gives you access to our AWS specialists who monitor the application portfolio 24/7/365 and respond to unforeseen interference. They also provide valuable advice on how to utilize new AWS services to optimize your business.

When RedBridge manages the daily operation of the AWS infrastructure, you can focus entirely on your core business. You do not need to hire and maintain your own AWS specialists who will be forced to spend a lot of time keeping up-to-date on AWS and being available 24 hours to ensure that the business does not suffer from unwelcome interruptions.

The local voice

As a local and certified partner since 2008, we have deep knowledge and extensive experience of Amazon AWS. This means that you only need to contact us whenever you have questions or urgent needs.

Redbridge Cloud Readiness for Amazon AWS with 50% discount

During April-May, we offer RedBridge Cloud Readiness for 20,000 SEK (50% discount). An advantageous price to evaluate the profits with Amazon AWS. Click on the picture above for more info and inquiries.