Together with Telia, RedBridge is launching the Accelerate service – the cloud service that gets your visitors to stay longer on your site


RedBridge is launching the Accelerate cloud service, which is based on Telia Web Performance and the latter’s global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Accelerate results in web pages with quicker loading times, regardless of where in the world the visitor is. The effects of the performance improvements are measured in real time and deliver insights into the business value of reduced loading times – more visitors, a lower bounce rate and increased conversion.


The bar in terms of user experience requirements is being set higher and higher, and one of the frustrations visitors to websites currently experience is the long loading times. The ongoing growth in high-resolution content, in the form of bloated images, videos and third-party scripts, means that lots of companies are struggling with hopelessly unresponsive websites. A website that takes around two seconds to load is what your visitors expect. If it takes longer, they will soon find their way to a competitor’s site.

For a long time now, one of the simplest ways to meet the demand for a quick user experience has been to use a Content Delivery Network. This means that the content is brought closer to the end user and results in the site being accelerated, regardless of where, how or when the user reaches the site.

“The cooperation with Tesla is a natural step for us towards further helping our customers in the running of their digital businesses,” says Håkan Melin, sales manager at RedBridge.

“What we like most about the cooperation with RedBridge is their focus on the end user experience. Via Accelerate and Telia Web Performance, RedBridge can guarantee its customers a uniform user experience and reduced loading times on a global scale,” says John Håkansson, Head of Telia CDN. Reisegiganten AS is a travel provider with an online presence in Scandinavia and an IT company that develops and markets search engines and booking systems for more than 10 travel sites, such as e.g., and in Sweden, and equivalent websites in Norway and Denmark. The travel sites handle lots of offers from different travel agents relating to charter trips, package holidays, regular flights, hotels, etc. There are many systems, services and conditions to bear in mind, and this requires an ability to adapt and change so as to be able to offer the best travel options and expand the business.

Cost-efficient and secure

With CDN in the cloud, RedBridge is able to minimise the infrastructure and capacity costs of its customers by accelerating static and dynamic content closer to the end user. The service also enhances security, as any DDoS are met in the cloud near their source.

With CDN you avoid unnecessary server crashes

Even if the majority of the traffic is Sweden-based, web servers can really react badly to a sudden though temporary increase in visitors. In addition to increasing bandwidth, the use of CDN can also reduce the risk of servers crashing. If CDN is also combined with other RedBridge technologies, such as autoscaling, extremely intensive traffic can be handled even more reliably. The result is returning visitors and loyal customers, instead of potential crashes with the associated reduction in earnings.

Achieve higher profitability with a quicker website

The conversion rate increases when the loading time is reduced, positioning your website higher up in Google’s search engine and resulting in better SEO. The route to international expansion is also opened up, as quick response times close to the user can be guaranteed at a global level.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Telia’s expert CDN teams and adding to the services we offer. High-performing e-commerce sites deliver more visitors and result in a higher proportion of customers making purchases – it’s concrete proof of how we can create added value for our customers,” concludes Stefan Andersson, CEO of RedBridge.

RedBridge services keep your website’s performance optimised

RedBridge Accelerate is offered as an additional service as part of the RedBridge cloud service. Through our hosting and maintenance services we regularly suggest updates to optimise sites. New releases, expanded content and more challenging user experience requirements are standard fare nowadays and require continuous performance optimisation. Here appropriate expertise, sound insight and a Content Delivery Network are the key components required to create the best possible customer experiences.

If you want to find out more about the service, contact Håkan Melin on +46 (0)73 23 24 203 or by mailing hå

You can read more about the service here