Risk of withering if you do everything yourself

(Jonas Larson)

Are there any similarities between bonsai trees and IT operations? Quite a few, as it happens. Both are works of art that require care and nurturing if they're to survive. And they have to be shaped to be able to offer a positive experience. That said, blossoming can be difficult with limited resources – but this situation can be resolved by outsourcing operation and focusing on growing your business instead.

Successful entrepreneurs and innovative leaders have created an in- depth understanding of the strengths and capabilities of their organisations and the options they use for development. They know that smart, efficient ways of gaining customers' trust are required in a digital world. Instead of doing everything themselves – which often leads to stagnation – they get help with specific tasks beyond their core business, tasks that others can do more effectively and more efficiently. This leaves them with the resources they need to drive their organisations forward and create competitive advantages.

Here are 7 tips on the art of getting there, along with a couple of examples of customers.

Online retailer familiar with the art of blossoming

Food store MatHem and watch company Daniel Wellington have switched their focus from IT maintenance to business development, with RedBridge as their operations partner. They used to have IT resources devoted to dealing with performance problems, overallocation of resources or quality problems in respect of slow development and release project processes. Now their operating environments are stable and scalable and their development processes are seamless, enabling them to compete on new terms. They're now adapting seamlessly to market requirements and rapidly developing, testing and rolling out new products and services on new markets. Find out more about how we helped MatHem and Daniel Wellington to grow.


7 tips on the art of streamlining your business

  1. Work out what constitutes your core business and which resources you can free up, and reinforce that with external support. Do you need all the expertise within the solution, such as the entire program stack (OS, middleware and database), or can you outsource things and so ensure more efficient maintenance?
  2. Look at factors other than just the price to make your operating and development environment as sustainable and as competitive as possible.
  3. Secure your development and operating environment with the support of DevOps, which allows constant improvements to be made to your solution without disrupting your business.
  4. Choose a partner that can help you set up an operating environment quickly and help get your solutions up and running rapidly.
  5. Choose a proactive, flexible partner so that your solutions can operate as effectively as possible in the short and long term.
  6. Don't lock yourself into contracts or proprietary technologies. Such things can be expensive and limit your creativity and ability to adapt to the requirements of the market.
  7. Make sure you're not locked out from the platform – choose a supplier that's open and transparent. This lays the foundation for a close, effective partnership that deals with challenges and benefits from opportunities.

Would you like to meet up to find out how we can hone your IT business? Our geniuses have an instinctive feel for what they do, and we're very familiar with the art of trimming and growing digital businesses.

Ingenious IT as a service

RedBridge provides flexible operating services based on your needs; server capacity and application development as a cloud service (RedBridge Compute and RedBridge Apps) or a complete solution for running your applications as managed services (Premium). Would you like to know more about our operating services? Visit redbridge.se or contact us on +46 8 588 990 10.