The journey to the best food site in Sweden with managed services

(Jonas Larson)

MatHem is growing incredibly quickly – and has done so since they began their partnership with RedBridge in 2011. In those days, the food store was grappling with troubleshooting, low accessibility and an inefficient release process in its IT environment, all of which were blocking growth. MatHem has grown by almost 100% every year since RedBridge took over its IT operations. Nowadays it's Sweden's biggest online food store.

"IT must never be an obstacle to anyone wanting to or being able to shop with us. To be able to meet the demand from customers and create a positive buying experience, we needed an IT environment that we could scale in line with demand. We also needed a working method that was capable of constantly supporting the development of our online food store. And to achieve all this, we needed a business-oriented partner that was able to help us with our changes. And with that, 2011 was the start of five successful years of working with RedBridge," says Fredrik Sewén, Head of Technology at MatHem.

RedBridge runs the store's online retail site and helps the company with performance optimisation, load balancing and automation of the IT environment, as well as providing testing and development services and cloud storage.

Find out more about a twenty-fold increase in virtual server capacity which is upscaled as MatHem site traffic doubles every six months, and how the journey with RedBridge has helped MatHem to be named Sweden's best food site in InternetWorld's Top 100 in 2013.