Global growth with the cloud for Daniel Wellington

(Jonas Larson)

Online trading company Daniel Wellington is a rapidly growing Swedish watch company that chose RedBridge as their partner for global expansion. RedBridge has been running the company's online retail site in the Amazon cloud since October 2014, and after just 6 months the company is challenging major global players. With shorter response times and a website offering 100% uptime, traffic to their website has multiplied and they've increased sales on new global markets that were technically closed to them previously.

"To be able to maintain our rate of growth and ongoing global expansion, we needed a flexible IT infrastructure that could cope with the influx of global customers and their demands. We also needed to migrate quickly so that we could cope with Christmas trading, which was almost upon us. RedBridge was able to meet our needs and demands, so they became a natural partner for running our online shopping site," says Kristian Tysander, CIO of Daniel Wellington.

Daniel Wellington's previous IT environment, which used physical servers, was obsolete and didn't offer the company enough room to grow, so it was slowing global sales and inhibiting innovation and development. The company also needed to migrate quickly to be able to cope with the upcoming Christmas trading.

Take a look at our website to find out more about how we run in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how our flexible solution helped Daniel Wellington to enhance the customer experience and win new customers on new markets with solutions such as:

CDN Cloud Front - faster response times for all users globally

AWS Auto Scaling - scaling in line with traffic for high utilisation and uptime levels

SLA - services available 24/7, 365 days a year

DevOps - a structured, stable and continuous delivery cycle for applications

OpenSource - better conditions for a business-oriented solution mindset