Compete and grow with the cloud

(Jonas Larson)

Small stakeholders are challenging the major players in the digital economy by reacting to changes more quickly and more efficiently. The ability to roll out new products quickly, expand on new markets and develop new business models means that startups quickly create competitive advantages with the cloud. The seamless, innovative players among the big guys are the leaders, too. So how do you go from the status quo to growth using cloud services?

In a brand-new report* from analysts Frost & Sullivan, 81% of 1500 top managers in the world create competitive advantages using the cloud. Here, RedBridge shares information on how we help customers in Sweden to become more competitive, pick themselves up and grow with the help of the cloud.

Customers' trust – win it or lose it?

The users of today in the digital world have stringent demands when it comes to fast, accessible, relevant and not least personalised products and services. They want services to be wherever they want them to be, across all mobile and digital interfaces. This makes stringent demands of businesses that operate online, such as online retailers.

In order to win the trust of customers, websites and applications are needed that work 24 hours a day without interruption and long response times, while also being dimensioned for variations in traffic volume for different markets throughout the year. A scalable and cost- effective infrastructure and development environment in the cloud can help you to present cost-effective, competitive services and offerings well ahead of your competitors.

7 ways of scaling to enhance the customer experience

Here are a few examples of how RedBridge is helping different customers to handle changing development and capacity requirements with the help of our cloud services:

Grow as traffic increases

A local online accessories store that we work with is able to reach out globally thanks to the cloud. Accessibility on new markets is improved because capacity is scaled up as the number of users increases. They don't end up paying lots of money for unused capacity – instead, they pay for their usage when their capacity increases following traffic growth.

Extend capacity temporarily

When a clothing store released a new collection, we adapted their site capacity in order to meet a temporary spike in demand. Instead of overallocating resources throughout the year, you can increase capacity temporarily in order to deal with short-lived increases in traffic.

Increase accessibility for planned activities

When a TV programme ran a charity donation initiative, our customer – an aid organisation – was able to handle 10 times more visitors wanting to register as mentors on their website because their capacity was adapted in order to manage an anticipated heavy load for a certain activity.

Secure accessibility at times of unpredicted high traffic

Our infrastructure service means that sudden and unpredicted high traffic to your site can be managed by distributing the traffic over several nodes. This means you can always feel secure if loads are higher than you were expecting.

Test and get rid of applications

Develop a cheap and easy mockup for a potential solution. When you've tested the prototype and no longer need it, just get rid of it. This gives you fast access to a test environment that you can scale according to your needs, so you don't need to tie up capital in large development environments.

Adapt capacity for irregular use

Gaining easy access to capacity can be valuable when you're building an application that you need to test on a number of occasions for different situations during a development process, for example.

Develop scalable applications quickly

You can scale your application so that it can react to changes in traffic volume by automatically allocating new resources as required. Being able to launch modern, accessible services quickly means your users won't have to look around for other alternatives.

Pay for what you use and create innovation

With our cloud services RedBridge Compute for server capacity (IaaS) and the application platform RedBridge Apps (PaaS), you'll only pay per hour for whatever you use. No more growing operation and development costs and resource wastage with your own systems. Instead, you can free up resources for innovation in order to gain the trust of your customers.

  • Report from Frost & Sullivan: Disrupt, collapse, transform – The role of cloud computing in industry transformation.