Major price reduction on cloud power

(Jonas Larson)
  • up to 41% lower price gives you lightning speed

Our lowest price guarantee gives you more power for your money, allowing you to benefit from our ingenious formula for profitable IT in the cloud even more cost-effectively. Our economies of scale are reflected in lower prices when more and more customers use our services and when we can benefit from lower prices on included components.

More power for your money

We've divided our various IaaS services into different instances, each of them having different amounts of RAM and different numbers of processors (cores). The price of our biggest configurations, X-Large and Large, has been reduced by 30%, and the price of our mini configuration is down 41%. At the same time, we're introducing two new types of instance – high memory and high CPU – because we're seeing more and more demand for these from our customers.

Find out more online about our 13 different instance types and the new RedBridge Cloud Services prices to find out which option would be best for you. You can order directly on our site, or if you contact us we'd be happy to help.

Lightning speed for your services

Modern servers in the cloud allow you to do more with less. You'll have more resources left over to keep up with market requirements, and you can develop products and services in demand both in-house and externally. Lightning speed and a flying start for your creativity and success for less money – quite simply!

Lowest price guarantee in Sweden – how it works

As a result of this reduction, our prices are the lowest in Sweden for the server instances we offer in the cloud. As a result, we can offer you a lowest price guarantee. In the unlikely event of you finding a similar cloud service at a lower regular price, contact us – we'll check the price and give you the lowest price for an equivalent instance. This price guarantee is valid in Sweden up to 31 March 2015 for both new and existing customers.

Another 1000 SEK discount as your Christmas present

We'll give you a 1000 SEK discount on the RedBridge Cloud Services you use throughout December. Contact us and we'll organise the discount for you, or use discount code H2O when you register for the service.

The geniuses at RedBridge wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!