Invent, don't maintain

(Jonas Larson)

- Win the match between developers and IT managers with the help of cloud

Most developers love the cloud. It makes their jobs easy and creative. The cloud also helps them to add more value for companies rather than just developing, testing and running applications in a proprietary traditional server environment. At the same time, IT managers start to sweat when they have less control over the IT environment as the cloud comes into play and when they're required to do more with less.

Meet our genius Claude in the cloud lab. In the video above, he gives you the formula for how both sides can finish the round as winners with the help of cooperation regarding the cloud.

Developers expect lots more

The opportunities offered by the cloud provide a benchmark for what developers demand and expect in their work with development environments, testing and application launches, for instance. The cloud offers fast access to resources and high levels of productivity and cost effectiveness, enabling the demands of various business units to be met with ease. Any development environment that can't supply this will be rejected instantly by developers.

IT managers grapple with increasing demands from the business

Building up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure demands enormous resources in the form of time and money. When technology on the market develops more quickly than the IT department is capable of keeping pace with, both the IT environment and the expertise within it rapidly become outmoded. This presents a greater risk of downtime and delivery problems. Demands both in-house and from customers increase at the same time, calling for innovative services that should ideally have been available yesterday. This presents IT managers with a difficult dilemma, but it is actually possible to meet these demands with the help of the cloud.

Win the match together

Instead of grappling with problem resolution and investing resources in your own infrastructure, IT managers should meet developers' expectations for speed and flexibility. We can give you tips on how both partners can drive service development forward in a cost- effective, innovative way with the help of the cloud.

3 tip for developers:

  • The cloud is a part of your application. Use the standardised services supplied.
  • Take the opportunity to carry out tests cheaply and easily. Start new instances and discard them when you no longer need them.
  • Start new instances when upgrades are available and then discard the old ones.

3 tip for IT managers:

  • Investigate the opportunities presented by cloud services.
  • Don't tie up capital in your own IT operations unnecessarily.
  • Meet the expectations of your developers and give them clear guidelines on how they can use the cloud.