Doing everything yourself is expensive – the formula for profitable IT is the cloud

(Jonas Larson)

Claiming that if you want something doing well, you should do it yourself seems to be a bit outmoded nowadays. Quite simply, the cost of owning systems and doing everything yourself outweighs the potential benefits. And this is true of everything, from building a house to having your car serviced. And not least, it's true of your own servers. No, the formula for profitable IT is cooperation, with emphasis on each and every individual's core activity – quite simply, the things people are best at. The cloud means you don't have to do everything yourselves! Instead, you'll have the time and money to carry out development that will benefit both your business and your customers.

Falling behind by having your own servers can cost you dearly

Many businesses struggle with the slow, inflexible process of setting up their own servers and development environments. It might take several months for systems to finally be installed and available for use. Systems have to be evaluated, purchased, delivered and configured before they can be deployed. This results in an unnecessarily slow and inflexible environment that means you're always one step behind.

When the winds of change blow, you can't supply the right services and products in time when the old environment can no longer keep up with demand or adapt quickly to new demands and opportunities. Moreover, when your own environment goes down you'll spend time and money on resolving the problem instead of supporting your business. The vicious circle continues when you have to buy in new capacity for new development projects, for example, and when the IT environment requires available personnel with the right skills. Costs escalate and capital is tied up in an environment which will take several years to start showing a return!

Become an inventor and take the lead with the help of the cloud

Using servers in the cloud, you can cut down the process of owning, using and maintaining your infrastructure from a couple of months to just a few minutes. You won't have to worry about hassles with your own servers or constantly staying up to date with the latest technology. Instead, you can invest your energy and resources in becoming the inventors of tomorrow. With a flexible environment, for instance, you can quickly set up development environments and turn innovation and business opportunities into reality. You can invent and offer the products and services demanded by the market well ahead of your competitors.

We have the ingenious formula for profitable IT

The formula from our successful operating commitments has been automated in our RedBridge Cloud Services. You only pay for the capacity you use, and profitability is apparent straight away. Our data centres are located in Sweden, giving you the security of knowing that your data and traffic remain within our borders. There'll be no more downtime, you'll enjoy high uptime for modern development environments and be guaranteed the server capacity and performance you need to be able to deliver when it counts. And not least, our local specialists will be on hand for you whenever you need support and business support to help you grow.