Emeet Stockholm

(Jonas Feist)
Since August 2012 Emeet is a part of www.Ehandel.se. Emeet is a meeting place created by and for E-commerce and is refered to as ”unconference”, which means that the participants them selves create the content in the conference. Like the movie Fightclub, just slightly different, Emeet has one rule – You should always talk about and spread the word about Emeet and the agenda. Their job is to make the E-commerce stronger and try to make Emeet the best meeting place for E-commerce all around Scandinavia.

Besides from the overall rule to always spread the word about Emeet there are some more important things to remember at Emeet:

  • At Emeet we are all equal. It doesn´t matter if your E-commerce if your turn over is 12.000 kr or 120.000.000 kr. We value attitude and passion.
  • At Emeet we have no secrets. During the event last year participants from the same genre shared experiences.
  • At Emeet no one is a competitor. Today the market is big enough for more than one E-commerce in the same genre. Let´s instead move the purchases from offline to online, together.
  • At Emeet we don't judge. To help rather than hinder is a simple rule.
  • At Emeet knowledge is always free.