Puppet basic course 3 days from 7/09 to 9/09

(Jonas Feist)


In the Puppet basic course we show you how you can manage an infrastructure in a structured way by automating manual procedures.

The course provides an insight into Puppet’s integrated declarative language, which is the basis for being able to write a manifest that describes a state.

We combine a presentation with relevant real-life problems involving practical exercises lasting three days.


The course consists of theory and practical exercises.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction: History, basic principles and data flows
  • Chapter 2 Installation: Installation, configuration, certificate management
  • Chapter 3 Tools: The Puppet line command, Facts
  • Chapter 4 Puppet DSL: Structures and resources. Manifest, basic resources and file structures
  • Chapter 5 Puppet DSL: continued. Node definitions, meta-resources, resource relations
  • Chapter 6 Advanced Puppet DSL: Variables, lists, conditional expressions
  • Chapter 7 Defined resource types: Defined resource types/Defined types
  • Chapter 8 Advanced classes: Parameterisation, legacy, Hiera
  • Chapter 9 Puppet Forge: Installing modules, creating modules
  • Chapter 10 Roles and profiles: An introduction to “roles and profiles”


7/09 to 9/09, starting at 09:00 and expected to end at 17:00 each day.


The course will take place on the premises of Trust-IT Sweden AB at Solna Torg 3. Metro to Solna Centre. Maximum of 8 participants.


You must register not later than 8/08/2016 by e-mailing jonas.feist@redbridge.se


Instructor from RedBridge AB


This course will be conducted in Swedish.


A PC is available on-site for each participant.


  • Course material included
  • Lunch included

The cost is SEK 15,750 per participant for 3 days.