Quicker development loops and loading times

(Linda Morén)

- two techniques for a more responsive user experience

Do you feel the development environment prevents you from arriving at new solutions in the shortest possible time? Has digitisation meant that the growth in the volume of data and content on your website is already having a detrimental effect on the user experience? With two ingenious techniques that develop your platform, you can get customers to choose your digital business over others.


Seminar on Docker containers and CDN

- with Red Hat and TeliaSonera

On 21 April, we at RedBridge organised a seminar where we, together with our partners Red Hat and Telia, explained how you can strengthen application loops and accelerate web site responses with the aid of tools such as Docker containers and CDN. The presentations provide a good basis as to how you can improve development processes and enhance customer experiences.

Containers, agile development and ongoing roll-out

Does it take a long time to roll out new functionality? Do you have problems in continuously making changes and increasing capacity? Red Hat gives an insight into the latest version of OpenShift with Docker containers and how you will be able to achieve more agile roll-out of the applications that give your business an edge over competitors. Presentation from Red Hat

Content Delivery Network crash course, performance in the cloud

Speed changes everything. Avoid the pitfalls and take the easiest route to a more agile site and more happy customers. Telia explodes some myths about the cloud and gives you practical tools to improve performance. Presentation from Telia