Merry Christmas! Have you decorated the servers?


Black Friday is gaining popularity

More and more Swedes think Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to shop for Christmas presents. Last year we spent a collective 5.3 billion on Black Friday according to PostNord, an increase of an incredible 46 percent since 2016. Are you ready?

Surely you have already sharpened your promotions and campaigns for November 23th and the Christmas trade, but how will you take care of the surge of customers? Have you reviewed your server capacity?

Loading times determine revenue

The longer loading times a site has, the larger the risk that customers will click themselves somewhere else (perhaps a competitor, the horror!). Every second a site stays loading can be measured in money and revenue. 40% of users leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. One second longer loading time can result in a staggering 7% poorer conversion.

E-commerce culminates

Black Friday is the day when online trade culminates. According to PostNord, 52% of respondents stated that they only traded online.

Guaranteed fast loading times with Accelerate

The Accelerate service resolves the problem of slow loading times. Accelerate is based on a so-called Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution in the cloud that accelerates static and dynamic content closer to the end user.

In addition, Accelerate provides a more even experience for your customers, since Accelerate is the result of collaboration with Telia. As a customer, you have direct access to Telia's extensive network throughout the country.

The load on the IT environment also gets more even because the tops and valleys created by traffic jams are spread on the different nodes of the CDN network.

Accelerate is part of RedBridge's cloud offer where we continuously provide our customers with solutions that optimize websites.

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Speed up your e-commerce site today

Do not let technology limit your sales during Black Friday and Christmas trade. Contact us today!

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