Orchestrate your containers

A container platform as a solid foundation of your development organization leads to reduced time to market, higher flexibility and innovation capacity for developers, and a drastically shortened release process.

Kubernetes in the best of ways.

We set up a container platform in the form of OpenShift, so that you can easily get started with your own cluster - in your datacenter, in ours, or in the cloud. Together we orchestrate containers in the way that suits you best.

24/7 Support

We believe in understanding our customers' business and needs to be able to adapt our support to fit you like a glove.

SLA 99,95

The container platform is built for the highest possible availability and performance. We guarantee it with a money-backed SLA.

Green data centers

Modern data centers run on renewable energy helps us reduce our impact on the climate.


Focus on application development and enjoy a fully automated infrastructure. Standardization of workflows, support for several environments and working methods according to CI/CD principles.

With a simple interface, you'll get started in no time. The platform also contains pre-installed and configured frameworks. Choose programming languages, test new ideas at any time, and control your own development environment. Then deploy the code independently of the underlying infrastructure.

Set up a pipeline that automatically builds and tests your application for code changes. Perform code quality tests and regression tests to increase the quality of the application, without any added manual work.

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Why containers with RedBridge

In recent years, we have seen how container technology has exploded in the Swedish market. Through the projects we have implemented, we have learned a lot, and see a clear need for organizations to be able to take advantage of a container platform without having to take on the time-consuming work of installing and maintaining it.

We offer a fully supported and managed solution with SLA on the entire platform. We want you to be able to focus on development - for that reason we include updates, monitoring, troubleshooting, backup, patching, certificates, support and regular operating meetings to make sure everything stays in top condition.

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