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Faster innovation

In order to adapt to the market today, you need to move fast and be agile. That's why we work with the container platform OpenShift for faster innovation, and we are excited to share the knowledge we've gained so far. Here's a report from our latest RedBridge Academy.

The essence of OpenShift and container technology is basically about being able to develop, innovate and make new releases faster.

- Many people become frustrated because it often takes too long from the inception of an idea until it becomes a reality. If you can instead make small changes on an ongoing basis, you have a greater chance to test ideas and actually get them finalized into production, says Anders Lannerbäck, developer at RedBridge.

Container technology simplifies and improves testing

Container technology works in a way so that you do not change things in an old version, but instead roll out completely new versions in a completely new container. That way you can be sure that no old junk will come back to haunt you. No surrounding factors remain to potentially distort the interpretation of the result.

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An easy way to get started

Since the interest in OpenShift is great, we arranged during the autumn a RedBridge Academy workshop where both employees and customers were invited to test something called MiniShift.

- With MiniShift you can run OpenShift locally in a virtual machine. By conveying the basics in Minishift we wanted to show how you can get started quickly and explore on your own, says Anders Lannerbäck, who held the workshop. He continues:

- It often becomes an aha moment when people see how fast you can set up a test environment and realize that you can remake your tests from scratch each time so that you know exactly what you are testing each time.

"A great crash course"

Tomas Bonderud who works at one of Sweden's large banks was one of the customers who attended the workshop.

- It was a good opportunity for me to take a crash course in Minishift. We use Open Shift at work where we are moving from having deployed in the old-fashioned way to using more modern methods.

Helps private banking customers

Tomas works as a Java developer within private banking. There, strategies are developed for placing and managing larger assets.

- This way of working allows us to help our customers make really good choices for their investments, because we can quickly produce reports on both outcome and alternative investment strategies.

A more creative environment

As a developer, Tomas thinks that container technology contributes to a more creative environment where his team dares to try new things and is getting better at capturing and developing good initiatives from anyone who might have them. Do you want to keep track of our RedBridge Academy courses? Fill in your e-mail in the footer and you will hear from us when we have workshops coming up.

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