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(Jonas Larson)

Grow with us

RedBridge is a knowledge-based technology company working in the field of infrastructure and software technology, with a keen eye for open standards and Open Source. Talented, committed staff are the key to our success.

RedBridge employees specialise in infrastructure (operating systems, databases, server management and middleware) and software technology (primarily Java, Java EE, next-generation languages and development processes). We work with customers who require honesty, reliability and technical leadership, and we support them throughout all phases of their projects.

RedBridge gives you a unique opportunity to be an active participant in the building of a major company, building a professional network and spending time with your colleagues. You'll have the opportunity to attain your ambitious targets and grow in your role as a specialist.

We operate a flat organisation, and your line manager will never be far away. You'll also be able to maintain close contact with colleagues with various specialist skills, giving you a fantastic opportunity to try out technologies that you've never tried before.

If you think you'd like to work for an organisation like ours, love working with enterprise and web scale solutions on either the infrastructure or development side of things and have an open mind and a willingness to work with various technical challenges, we think you'd be exactly the right person to become one of us.

We value in-depth technical expertise and encourage you to develop your skills. You'll also have the opportunity to demonstrate your technical skills to your industry colleagues by playing an active part in technical conferences.