Become Cloud Native with RedBridge

The cloud offers unique opportunities to easily scale applications up, down and out. With the right architecture and know-how, we help you achieve a cost-effective and fully scalable solution, where you can even leave maintenance to us if you want.

AWS in the best of ways.

As partners to Amazon Web Services since 2009, we have many years of experience in helping various organizations on their cloud journey. Our best advice is free - get it right from the start!

Open Solutions

We generally recommend avoiding lock-in effects by using open technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache Active MQ.

Cost Efficiency

Together we build a solution with high performance and a smart architecture to achieve the lowest possible cost over time.

Solid Operations

If you prefer to focus on developing solutions, we are happy to take care of 24/7 monitoring, alarm handling and operations of your applications.

Cloud Native means Microservices

Monoliths can be built quickly, but are difficult to scale and update. By instead building applications as a combination of modular and independent components, called microservices, scaling becomes a lot simpler. Changes in the code can also be deployed faster, which in the long run leads to increased innovation and reduced time-to-market.

In addition to an architecture built on microservices, it is the underlying infrastructure that determines how quick users can get access to code enhancements and new applications. AWS offers several options to run microservices in containers. These include AWS Elastic Container service (ECS), AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and AWS Openshift on AWS (ROSA).

In addition, we are happy to help build robust and automated pipelines for code delivery according to CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery) principles.

We help you take the right steps in achieving a cloud environment that can deliver above expectations.

Take me to the cloud!

Why cloud with RedBridge

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of the benefits of AWS, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. That way your developers will be able to focus on what they do best, developing applications.

You will get a direct line to our operations department, consisting of an experienced staff who are familiar with how your particular solution works. They take care of monitoring, alarms and escalations, updates of operating systems, troubleshooting, backups, patches, certificates and more.

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