We are RedBridge

RedBridge vision is to change the IT market. Our starting point is that Open Source gives our customers greater freedom of choice today and in the future.

About us – then and now

The company started the business in 2003 with the vision of helping our customers introduce a cost-effective IT environment based on Open Source products. Today, Open Source products are the obvious choice and are available in all parts of the Digital Business!


Red Hat for software

Red Hat is the world's largest provider of Enterprise-based Open Source Solutions. RedBridge is Premier Partner of Red Hat and we have had a continuous partnership since 2004. Since we value knowledge and development highly, it is natural that we prefer to work with Open Source products and open standards. Knowledge, freedom and cooperation provide the best conditions for high-quality innovation.

Amazon Web Services for cloud services

Many are looking toward the cloud today, either entirely or in parts. Especially for brand new companies with the ambition to grow fast, there are great advantages with extreme scalability and the possibility of rapid development combined with security-creating services such as monitoring and recovery. We are partners with AWS since 2009 and if you want to go the cloud road, we can guide you past ordinary pitfalls and unnecessary costs.

Elastic for the stack

Elastic (formerly Elasticsearch) is the company behind the Open Source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. Together with Beats, the former ELK stack is now called Elastic Stack and delivers a powerful toolbox for scanning, analysing and visualizing data with graphs and charts.


DI Gasell

DI Gasell is a prize that has been awarded annually by the newspaper Dagens Industri to Sweden's fastest growing company since yer 2000. RedBridge has twice received the honor of the reward.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a management system standard for the business processes of a company or organization. A management system describes how you constantly improve and adjust your business to meet customer needs.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a management system standard for information security. The system provides a structured and effective way of working for organizations that strive for improved internal control over information security.

"Open source contributes to society's technological development. There’s an opportunity to see what other smart people have done and thought, and you get to contribute toward constant improvements." -Daniel

Our Values – We believe in openness

Change and Development

Change and development are part of our day- to-day existence. Historically, we've shown that we work actively with change and can adapt rapidly to new conditions. Our consultants have outstanding technical expertise which they constantly develop on demanding customer assignments, through compentence networks and training courses. We work together to develop our customers' businesses and contribute to their success.

Respect and Community

RedBridge is always close at hand for customers, partners and one another, and we always keep our promises. Everyone at RedBridge should feel a sense of community, and as a result we love our work and there's plenty of harmony and job satisfaction in the workplace.

Passion and Results

A passionate commitment permeates everything we do. We work on the basis of the strong conviction that we can change and improve things, albeit with the best interest of our customers at heart. Customers and partners are definitely of the opinion that we never give up until we've created actual improvements and specific value for them. We are receptive to the needs and prerequisites of our customers and partners, ultimately leading to improvements for their customers.

Our journey – moments when the world stopped spinning


The company was formed and evangelized Open Source

The goal was to get companies and organizations to benefit from Open Source and contribute to the development of various Open Source projects. We assisted the Swedish Pensions Agency in bringing in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Partnering up with Red Hat

What has become a long partnership began when Red Hat opened the doors in Sweden in 2004.


The Police Authority (RPS) takes important decisions

A decision was made to use Open Source software such as Linux and MySQL.


Automation using Puppet

We started automating customers' Linux environments using Puppet.


Begin Operations

We started our own operations department and got our first customer in the environment.


Partnering up with Amazon Web Services

The first customer we helped with AWS was a subsidiary of SAAB, which was then sold to Apple.


The data society's prize

The Data Society's Diamond for Open Standard Application Platform was awarded to RedBridge.


Migration and renovation projects for OKQ8

The biggest and most complex project in company history thus far.



Framework agreement for software and services is assigned to RedBridge


Klart.se running in AWS

Our first mission running operations for a customer in AWS with the same Managed Services that are in our own operations.



Framework agreement Basic IT is assigned to RedBridge


First operations customer in Finland

Together with our Finnish partner Bilot, we can take care of larger assignments even outside Sweden.


First operating customer of Fintech company.

We proudly fulfill the stricter safety requirements imposed by the financial sector.


Open Shift container platform implemented.

Kubernetes is increasingly used in the production environment of large organizations.


Builds a fully managed container platform.

As an alternative to customers who don't want to install and maintain a plattform on their own.

Stefan Andersson, Charlott

RedBridge merges with Binero

To create a complete offering within digital infrastructure and modern application development.

Social responsibility

We have chosen to focus our social involvement by supporting three different organizations in their work to help the most vulnerable people in the world.

SOS Children’s Villages

We support SOS Children's Villages, with their aid to help the most vulnerable children of the world, by helping to run their online solution.

Doctors Without Borders

RedBridge has chosen to offer financial support to Médecins sans frontières – Doctors without Borders – over the past few years. We think they do a fantastic job in the most vulnerable places in the world.

Save the Children International

RedBridge’s staff annually donates the company's Christmas gift to Save the Children. They do an incredible job of supporting children who are on the run, being subjected to sexual abuse and living in poverty.

Some of us

In open environments, you share knowledge and get all the latest advances. It drives continuous improvements and contributes to our society's technological advancement.

Daniel Pfeifer

Head of Consulting - Development

Stefan Andersson